Simon Grey, Director of Health and Safety, Tarmac

During a period of growth – and bringing in several companies into the Tarmac brand, we wanted an independent assessment in terms of compliance, leadership training and the business culture.
It was a delicate balance and we wanted to get it right from the outset – Darren is part of our trusted network who has extensive industry experience.

What Darren is good at, is supporting businesses to move and change. It’s important to have the right people, with the right credentials, right across the organisation who will act on the advice given and implement the changes that are necessary. Darren works in three key areas – compliance, leadership and culture – and he’s now working with those businesses to support a robust plan, so that as a business, the leadership teams can take responsibility for delivering it.

Darren is a good sounding board for us who brings challenge. His approach is strategic and he’s leadership led – plus, he’s been there himself. He has a high degree of empathy and authenticity.

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