We’re a world class leadership consultancy specialising in health and safety

We change the way business leaders feel, think, act and talk about the health, safety and wellbeing of people.

Using our Broadly Thinking approach we work with you to better understand the overall health of your organisation, and then give you the tools to make lasting positive change.

By transforming performance – we’re transforming businesses.

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Broadly Thinking guarantees Healthy People, a Healthy Business and a Healthy Future.

How it works

We’ll work alongside your organisation to create a focused health, safety and wellbeing strategy. It’s a fast track route to a transformational strategy for change – and has a very successful record with global businesses.

Working together

We’ll start by reviewing your business. We’ll take a ‘broad picture view’ of the strategic areas we need to focus on like your organisational culture, systems and physical risk control issues. Our Business Reviews are not audits of broken and missing things but a full health check of your current performance.

Transforming your business

Our Behavioural Reviews dig deep and draw attention to behaviours within the organisation that are creating barriers – as well as behaviours that are enabling leaders and teams. We’ll guide you as to what you need to start doing, stop doing and continue doing. And then we’ll set about transforming your business with you.

Transforming your people

Having us as your dedicated coaching partner means you and your team will have the opportunity to develop more skills and abilities – to create the self-awareness, curiosity and question-asking ability you’ll need, to keep successfully growing. We won’t just give you the answers but give you the tools to enable business transformation. That’s why the work we do with you makes impactful and long-lasting change.

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Broadhead Global – Broadly Thinking Video

In this short video, you’ll get to hear from our clients and why they work with us – plus, a little bit more about Broadhead Global.

Broadhead Global has made a big difference to Health, Safety and Leadership across our business. Essentra senior management team have nothing but praise for the Broadhead Global team.

Divisional HSE Director, Essentra Europe and Asia

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