It’s about making a human connection – one person to another

We work with health and safety teams to hone their interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, so that they can engage, encourage and influence others at work.

The development work we do will allow teams to become highly effective enablers of change. They become well equipped to engage with a diverse group of stakeholders.

Developing highly effective health and safety teams hasn’t always been a priority for organisations. Often viewed, or treated, as technical experts, capable of working in isolation to the rest of the organisation – their soft skills were rarely focused on as a development area. High performing teams give organisations a tremendous competitive advantage when they’re championed, connected and cohesive.

Health and Safety Competency Framework

We’ll help you to really understand what health and safety competency is – and, what it looks like for your workforce.

We’ll work with you to define and develop the necessary internal structures, skills, knowledge and behaviours within the team, so that individuals can succeed in their roles – as well as assessing current competencies and staff learning and development needs. We can also work with you to maintain your competency framework.

How we can support you

  • Developing your health and safety competency framework
  • Assessing current competencies and development needs
  • Maintaining your competency framework

Facilitating World-Class Safety Performance

Organisations who are achieving world class safety performance are doing so because they’ve invested in their health and safety teams. Being world-class is a choice and an attitude.

We can work with you to develop your global health and safety teams to become truly credible – by sharpening both their technical skills and leadership skills. It means they’ll be able to articulate their points skilfully, clearly and with authority and be capable of leading from the front on safety, to serve as trusted advice-givers to your most senior executives.

How we can support you

  • Developing your teams technical and leadership skills
  • Playing an active role within your business to help you develop world class safety performance
  • Developing the all-important soft skills of your health and safety business partners

Supporting your Health and Safety Recruitment

A robust safety culture is the combination of attitudes and behaviours at board level, across senior management and teams.

We offer support and advice in recruiting leadership and senior management roles in health and safety, at all stages of the recruitment process. We can advise and support you on drawing up job descriptions and adverts, screening and shortlisting applicants, designing assessment days and facilitating interviews to help you attract, recruit and retain the ideal candidate.

How we can support you

  • Attracting, recruiting and retaining the right candidates
  • Building a strong employer brand and culture
  • Training your hiring teams

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