To inspire transformational performance from business leadership.

Working with clients across the globe, Broadhead Global understands the challenges of leadership, culture, and systems. This allows us to work alongside a wide range of organisations to create transformational change in business performance.

Our extensive knowledge and experience is anchored in the 25-year career of our Managing Director, Darren Broadhead, which is further enhanced by our amazing Associate Team. Our work is instrumental in developing and embedding business and cultural improvement programmes. These are always fully aligned and integrated with the values, vision and strategy of the organisations we work with. We do this through consulting and the provision of workshops to develop systems and people.

Our approach works in any sector, so we are ready to help any large organisation that seeks a step-change improvement in their business performance. The Broadhead Global team has most recently worked with organisations from manufacturing, UK Government, Energy, Forestry, Construction & Construction Materials, and Trade and Professional associations.

Our services:

World-Class Consultancy:

Our consultancy services allow businesses like yours to tap into our extensive knowledge and experience of impactful solutions. Whilst the solutions we provide are often considered as a response to a H&S challenge, they are inevitably a systems and people challenge. The ramifications of resolving these, for leaders and their teams, will cascade right across the organisation.

Business Reviews:

Transforming your organisation requires a crystal-clear picture of your current strengths and opportunities. Our Business Review provides this and a clear 3 to 5 year strategy for improvement. Our Business Reviews start with an interview with the most senior leader in the organisation and then a combination of 1-1 interviews, site visits and document reviews to really dig deep to understand what is really happening. This is a health check for your organisation and addresses everything from how your people/employees are integrated into the Values, Vision and Strategy of the organisation, to the reality check of:

Are your improvement activities actually impactful?

We are Serious about giving you a realistic picture of where you are and how you can deliver transformational change.

Behavioural Change Workshops, Broadhead Global
Leadership Development Workshops, Broadhead Global

Culture Reviews:

You may feel that, within your organisation, many of the required system improvements are present and really starting to impact. You then become more closely focused on behaviours of colleagues and their impact on your organisational culture. Our Culture Reviews involve interviews with the most senior leaders in the organisation and then a combination of 1-1 interviews, focus groups, questionnaires and high level document review. This builds the cultural picture ‘as now’.

Our Cultural Reviews identify the prevailing behaviours in your business and what blocks or enables the culture you are aspiring to have. This may vary site to site and shift to shift. Armed with this knowledge you can create interventions at a global and local level to bring about positive cultural change.

We are Serious about giving you a realistic picture of where you are and how you can deliver transformational change.

H&S Team Development: 

Highly engaged Health & Safety professionals are an essential part in the delivery of transformational change – supporting leaders, managers and every part of the organisation
to integrate H&S into their working day.

Broadhead Global are often asked to create competency frameworks (knowledge, experience and skills) for national and international H&S teams. These evaluate both the technical and non-technical skills essential for H&S team members. Our Skill Development workshops provide a safe environment for H&S colleagues to showcase their skills against a predetermined Competency Framework. Personalised and pragmatic observation during diverse tasks allows us to provide detailed 1-1 feedback, targeted coaching and broad organisational development support.

We are Serious about identifying accurately the skills of your H&S Team and how they can deliver transformational change.

Global Standard of People Development:

In every organisation, people are integral and essential for success. Equipped with the right knowledge and support, the possibilities are endless. Are you developing your people to be both engaged and impactful?

At Broadhead Global, we are passionate about developing people. Our job is to develop mindsets about what is possible and to sustain that curiosity and drive for personal and
professional development.

How do we deliver transformational change through personal development workshops?

Working closely with you, we create workshops aligned with your existing business activities and processes.
– Providing workshops face to face or virtually, in your workplace or in a training venue to allow full focus away from the daily pressures of work.

Impactful personal reflection and development planning is a component part of all our workshops – we see it as an essential ingredient for long-term success.

Upskilling our employees at all levels across the business is important to us. We wanted to see accountability, changes in behaviour and changes in the culture of the business.

Marian Garfield, Head of Sustainability, Hanson

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