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We’re transforming the health and safety outcomes for our clients, across the globe.

What we’re seeing is organisations becoming much more connected globally and recognising the need for their business leaders and teams to have a global mindset to match. Effective leaders, therefore, must be able to demonstrate that they are strong and brave enough to be accountable for their own actions and outcomes – and their teams. Our job is to help you become better today than you were yesterday – and better tomorrow than today.


Achieving brilliant health and safety leadership creates high performing teams and businesses. Every single time.

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Transforming your health and safety culture means you have to change the people at the helm – or the leaders must change.

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Honing your team’s interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence is what will help them to engage, encourage and influence others at work.

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Upskilling our employees at all levels across the business is important to us. We wanted to see accountability, changes in behaviour and changes in the culture of the business.

Marian Garfield, Head of Sustainability, Hanson

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