Proactive Leadership in Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Having the right people at the helm is what transforms businesses. Every single time. Transformational leaders are effective with the words they use. They’re effective in creating big shifts in thinking. They’re effective in creating big shifts in behaviours. It’s this that motivates people to achieve extraordinary results.

Business leaders work with us because we’re supporting them to do exactly this –
creating strong health and safety cultures, generating big benefits to their business, often on a global scale.

Leadership Performance and Development

Your success as a leader has everything to do with how you interact with the people around you – and the quality of those relationships. The higher up you go in an organisation, the more ‘visible and felt’ your leadership behaviours need to be.

We work with business leaders to support and develop them to skillfully accommodate risk and to develop the behaviours that will determine their success. Together, we’re working to build an active, effective and responsive safety leadership culture. We can do the same for you. What this does, is bolster your business strategy and commercial performance. It does the same for your brand and perception. Your effectiveness of internal communications. Your organisational behaviour and staff morale. What follows is transformational change. Small acts can have big returns.

How we can support you

  • Personalised Leadership Development Workshops
  • Bespoke Senior Leadership Workshops
  • Bespoke Health and Safety Leadership Workshops

Coaching to Engage and Influence

One of the most powerful and transformational skills at leadership level is the confidence to challenge effectively and the emotional intelligence to do it in a positive and uplifting way.

During tough times, the immediate reaction of a leader may be to push their staff harder to try and achieve results – whereas a transformational leader would deal with the root cause of the problem. Transactional tactics may work in the short term, but in the longer term, the success of the business is likely to suffer because of low staff morale and engagement. We coach senior managers to develop a skill set of behaviours that will allow them to engage, influence and succeed at leadership level – skills that will support them to deliver your company vision, values and health and safety strategy.

How we can support you

  • Developing your health and safety leadership skills and emotional intelligence
  • Creating health and safety professional development centres for your people
  • Coaching new and experienced senior managers who are rising through the ranks to develop the skills they need to fulfil their potential.

Executive Sounding Board

From time to time, we would all benefit from a confidential sounding board – but where do you start?

We serve as a sounding board to CEOs, directors and senior management teams across global organisations, right across the world. Clients find our perspective fresh and insightful because it allows time for reflection – observing what’s going on inside and around us. We’ll look at where you’re effective and where you could do better, creating an independent and challenging discussion platform. It means we can sift through and review your approach and areas of focus. As your Broadly Thinking partner, we’ll ask questions to help you better understand your thoughts in such a way that doing the right thing becomes much more apparent, bringing clarity of thinking and action.

How we can support you

  • Steering big changes within your organisation and across teams
  • Diagnosing the real problem with deteriorating health and safety results
  • Guiding you to achieve a clear plan of action to support your business growth

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