Case Study: CEFAS - The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science - Leadership Workshops.

Working with a business over a period of time, allows us the insight needed to deliver impactful change. Read below how we worked with CEFAS – The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science to deliver Leadership Workshops.

Risk Management Workshops & Consultancy, delivered by Broadhead Global based in the UK


Having completed a highly impactful HSE business review in 2020 we were asked to provide leadership development workshops for the board and senior leadership team.

The purpose of these workshops was to clearly identify and in bed required leadership knowledge and behaviours around HSE.


A three-phase programme of leadership workshops.

The first phase combined board and Senior Leadership Team workshops, identifying how HSE is integrated into organisational governance.

Phase two addressed Senior Leadership Team behaviours to deploy effective risk management and HSE strategy.

The third phase allowed the organisation to review its progress to date and set out its next steps for continuing their improvement journey.


Non-executive Director’s feedback was that this was the best HSE governance discussions they had ever had.

It challenged long-standing beliefs around who and what was essential for delivering consistent HSE performance and results.

Upskilling our employees at all levels across the business is important to us. We wanted to see accountability, changes in behaviour and changes in the culture of the business.

Marian Garfield, Head of Sustainability, Hanson

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