Andrew Jackson – Industrial Director North

The first time I met Darren was when he delivered leadership training to me. I was so impressed, I recommended him to our European organisation – and they went with it. He’s now delivered leadership training to all our European leadership teams, as well as our management and supervisor teams. It’s really snowballed and gone beyond UK borders – which reflects he did a very good job.

He continues to work alongside us, developing and implementing our safety roadmaps, the 5S standards, communications, high risk observations, leadership safety training and global procedures – he’s integrated our challenges into the training. Something else Darren introduced us to, is the business significance of interdependence, the ‘Fair and Just’ model, where we treat people respectfully when mistakes are made – which fits with our company philosophy. It’s cemented what we do – and, what we continue to work on.

What Darren is very good at, is developing bespoke training for our business. Every single training session feels as if it’s been designed for us – and only us – and that has been recognised and commented on by our people across the board. He listens well. He understands our business. He understands our needs. Delegates on the supervisor level training were especially complimentary – and acknowledged he really knows his stuff and they respect the fact that he’s worked in the industry and has a good backstory. For us that’s good – our teams are buying into him because he’s demonstrating he understands their challenges. He has the ability to internalise what they’re saying. Darren is also an excellent and engaging presenter.

His insight to us a business is invaluable. What Darren is doing is walking alongside us – he’s helping us to understand the journey ahead of us.

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