How one mental shift increased my resilience…

25th August 2020

According to a recent magazine article, on average we spent £682 during lockdown getting fit – with men spending three times more than women on rowing machines, weights, treadmills and yoga mats, to achieve their dream physique. But did it actually make them want to do any more exercise? Apparently not.

So what was the sticking point? Well, every weekday morning at 07:10, a reminder pops up on my phone which is my cue to get up and do some exercise. If there isn’t something there to nudge me, it’s very likely I’ll still be sat on the sofa drinking a latte some fifty minutes later. I don’t always want to exercise, particularly when it’s raining heavily or very cold outside. But with that nudge, I make sure I complete what I’ve set myself – 30 minutes of body pump, 45 minutes of yoga or a 50-minute walk – so, less than an hour of exercise.

I don’t reduce the times. Ever. I don’t stop and think to myself; this is too much like hard work or, I can’t be bothered – I just keep going, even when my chattering mind is trying to convince me otherwise. I absolutely know, that once I’ve done my exercise, I feel a sense of pride and satisfaction. I know that I’ve completed something which is very good for my mental and physical health and wellbeing.

I recently posted a blog about change and resilience – and the importance of not giving up. For me, being resilient is something I’ve built up over the years to give me a bullet-proof system to overcome obstacles, changes and challenges. Things we all face each day of our lives.  Developing perseverance is super-critical to keeping mentally fit. My mother always said to me ‘if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth doing’. It may be a cliché, but it’s also true.

Creating self-discipline and motivation so that we put the effort in, will eventually pay dividends. It propels us forwards and helps us to achieve our goals. It doesn’t have to be a massive leap – but consistent baby steps. Quietly justifying to ourselves why we need to persevere and be resilient can be futile. Let’s be honest, there are times when we just want to sit on the sofa eating crisps and chocolate. It’s understandable really, especially during this unprecedented period. And because of this, we need to figure out and put something in place that will cheer us on to get up or, keep going. What’s your fail-safe? For me, it’s the reminder popping up on the lock screen of my phone.

By nature, I’m very competitive with myself. So, if I set myself a task, I have to complete it. If I don’t, I feel a sense of guilt and failure and that’s not good for my mental wellbeing. It’s not just exercise. I do it with everything in my life. My calendar can look punishing at times, with reminders to do this, that and the other – and that’s on top of my work meetings. If I don’t set myself targets, it won’t happen. That’s just the way I work. I’d love to know how many exercise bikes are taking up room space in homes – that are draped in clothes!

So, how do you create resilience and perseverance in your life? What can you put in place to keep yourself going when all you want to do is head for the armchair with a packet of custard creams and a coffee? If you want to know more about changing behaviours, please get in touch with us at Broadhead Global – it’s what we do best, and we deliver results.

Written by Sarah Prince

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