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30th July 2020

It’s probably fair to say that a high-performing team is a force to be reckoned with. Think about some of the greatest ever sporting achievements and scientific discoveries – and more recently, the much-applauded work of our brilliant NHS teams. Successes are invariably born out of a joint effort.

There’s no doubt about it though – the working environment has changed. Not just because of Covid-19 – it changed long before that, but because it’s now rare for someone to dedicate their whole career to working for the same company. And, because of this, we no longer work in settled groups with comfortable dynamics. Our teams are continually forming, evolving and changing. It means team development has to happen much faster than it did before.

It doesn’t help that teams are spread across geographic boundaries and now, in our ‘new normal’, many more people consider their home as their workplace. It means we’re meeting up less frequently which makes things more complex and, understanding what we’re required to do much more problematic. There are huge business benefits when teams are in sync with each other, supportive, selfless and cooperative and where there isn’t an individual in the team who believes they’re better than anyone else.

Individuals can achieve a lot but teams can achieve so much more. 

Working as part of a team is a great way to learn. Take a workforce, for example, where you have several health and safety managers, all working in separate parts of the business. What can happen, is they work to their own strengths and become impaired by their own weaknesses. But, by having these managers work collectively as a team, they’ll learn from each other’s strengths – as well as help to improve each other’s development needs. It means, everyone’s performance improves. Cultivating trust, commitment, good humour and loyalty becomes more important than ever.

In order for this to happen, leaders need to be more flexible in their approach. A good way to develop teams and allow them to become high performing, is to invest in coaching. It’s a worthwhile investment. Coaching demonstrates the behaviours a manager needs to exhibit in developing an open and honest team. Plus, it frees up precious time as the team becomes self-sufficient rather than constantly demanding your time to solve problems. Instead, they become the bearers of solutions.

And this is what we’re doing at Broadhead Global right now. Working with business leaders to prepare them for this new era of working – helping them to become leaders who understand how to coach. You can find out more by listening to our 30-minute webinar  or by contacting us directly.

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