Global manufacturing firm undertakes behavioural review.

24th March 2020

Last year, we undertook a Business Review for one of our clients – a global manufacturing firm – and delivered a series of leadership training workshops to a variety of leaders. A senior leader had noticed that the culture within part of the organisation hadn’t started to improve. We were then asked to undertake a behavioural review to understand what was happening and identify interventions which could be put in place to improve the culture.

So, what’s a behavioural review – and what does a successful one look like? Well, it’s a very deep analysis of the behavioural barriers and enablers within an organisation which are experienced by the workforce. It can involve one to one interviews, surveys and focus groups which encourage people to openly discuss any issues they’re experiencing. What comes out of these conversations is then used as data to undertake a thematic analysis. This identifies, analyses and interprets patterns of meaning within qualitative data from which interventions or actions can be developed to encourage the behaviours we want to see.

The review was designed to identify the behavioural blockers and enablers within the business through a series of comprehensive interviews and engaged with a wide range of employees from senior leaders to the shop floor workforce. The interviews were based on a psychological theory of behaviour change and asked open questions which encouraged discussion about current practices, the channels of communication and flow of information.

The question set ensured a consistent approach, but still allowed for a degree of flexibility, with the answers used as data for the thematic analysis. It identified three main themes and six sub-themes which included communication, inclusivity and visible leadership.

18 interventions were developed from the analysis to help the company deliver an improvement in organisational culture – and this in turn would lead to an increase in safety culture.  The majority of the interventions were quick wins and easy to implement such as re-invigorating a workplace forum, refreshing safety messages and boards and reviewing the attendance and agenda of the H&S meeting.  Other interventions were around improving the communication channels between the senior leads and the shop floor.

The review has shown that by listening to the perceptions of the workforce and leaders, an action plan can be established which encourages open and consistent communication which the whole workforce can be party to – which will, in turn, improve the culture.

This review involved two days of interviews, two days of analysis, report writing and an in-depth follow up call. To find out more about our Broadly Thinking approach and how we can work with you to deliver transformational change across your organisation, please do get in touch.

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