“Would you like fries with that?” The benefits of consistent performance.

27th June 2018

How success is measured for Health & Safety often comes down to: “did we avoid injuring someone or not having a negative impact on their health this month?”.

Otherwise known as ‘gazing into the rear-view mirror’!

These reactive results – the ultimate outcome of our Health & Safety endeavours – are not necessarily easy to emotionally engage with or to form the basis for an improvement plan.

If focusing on results is not gaining engagement throughout the business, then perhaps applying focus to our performance could be more helpful?

The definition of our performance can be considered as our conduct or behaviour and the quality of what we do. Performance can be considered as the inputs (control measures) where results, such as Lost Time Injury Frequencies, are the outputs.

Measuring performance can be done in a much more positive and proactive way, focusing fully on: “Are we achieving the basics of risk control each and every day?”.

As a business leader, probably the most important question you need ask yourself on a regular basis is: “what is my confidence level that our risk controls, established by us to keep people safe, will be fully effective today?”.

Some organisations, including the most successful fast food chain in the world, have become masters at doing the basics well every day.  Those basics certainly include key Health & Safety topics, but also how the organisation markets itself, sells its products, establishes its physical workplace and trains staff.

Could you move staff at any level between departments, sites or functions and be confident that the risk controls you have in place would continue to work seamlessly?

If the answer is a confident ‘yes’ then you are well on the road to a world-class level of risk and business control!

If you would like to discuss the sizeable opportunity that consistent risk control brings – please get in touch.

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